Commercial Concrete Repair in South Dakota

For most commercial businesses, concrete surfaces play a vital role. From parking lots to pathways, curbs to concrete flooring, commercial concrete surfaces are everywhere—and they’re always under duress. Uneven concrete such as cracked and sunken sidewalks can not only be unsightly but also unsafe.  If you notice the concrete around your establishment is sinking, shifting or rising, give the experts at Angerhofer Concrete Products a call today. We’re ready to provide the services such as sidewalk leveling, sidewalk crack repair, concrete parking lot repair services and many more concrete repair services needed to set things right again.

Our capabilities span a full range of concrete installations, giving commercial customers confidence in our ability to provide thorough, reliable results. No matter the degree of shifting or the scope of the project, trust in our ability to provide unparalleled results for a wide range of focuses:

  • concreteSidewalks
    If the sidewalk to your main entrance isn’t smooth and safe, don’t expect foot traffic to your establishment. Our team will provide sidewalk leveling and sidewalk crack repair to smooth out your sidewalks to restore safety and appeal, helping you generate more patronage. We work quickly to ensure complete sidewalk repair in South Dakota.
  • Parking lots
    Parking lots suffer from extreme wear and tear each and every day—it’s no wonder concrete can compromise! We mud jack your fallen concrete back to level, restoring the integrity and appeal to your parking area.
  • Slabs
    Slabs can sink and shift with time, making it paramount to jack them back into place when movement is noticed. Whether your slab is home to vehicles, equipment or fixtures, trust us to re-level it perfectly.
  • Concrete floors
    Don’t let concrete floors fall victim to pooling water, poor drainage or trip hazards. We mud jack concrete floors level once again, to mitigate these problems and more.
  • Curbs
    Sunken curbs can pose hazards for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Call a concrete repair contractor in South Dakota to ensure sunk curbs are remedied to their fullest.
  • Gutters
    Gutters that are unable to jettison water properly become catalysts for flooding and erosion. Let us fix your sunken gutters to improve their effectiveness and reliability.

As the premier commercial concrete repair professionals and your local mud jacking experts, Angerhofer Concrete Products is ready to help you. Contact us today about your commercial concrete needs by calling 605-225-5222.