Concrete Slab Jacking & Leveling in South Dakota

concrete slab jacking and leveling in south dakotaYour concrete may have been poured and paved to a perfect level years ago, but over time it can sink and shift. As the earth below settles and the base shifts, your concrete can move with it. To restore a slab to its original level, call the experts at Angerhofer Concrete Products for concrete slab jacking in South Dakota.

What is Slab Jacking?

Slab jacking is a way to lift and level concrete that has sunk or shifted. It involves drilling holes through the concrete to the earth below, then pumping in mud or mixed aggregate to push the concrete upward. This process is performed wherever sinking or shifting has occurred, until the entire slab is level once again. The holes are then filled for a seamless fix!

Preventing Problems

Aside from restoring the appearance of your slab, concrete leveling in South Dakota helps to prevent problems that can arise over time. Sunken or shifting slabs are prone to a number of issues, including:

  • Cracking or fractures that allow water to seep into the slab and further damage it
  • Surface water pooling, causing erosion problems
  • Uneven surfaces that can cause tripping or missteps, resulting in injury
  • Lower property values that are the result of lower curb appeal
  • Deformation to outbuildings such as garages and sheds, due to an unsupported foundation

Your concrete slabs need to be level and properly supported to prevent future sinking and moving. If you see unevenness or feel that your slab is off-kilter, slab jacking might be the right course of action.

Restoring Your Concrete

Angerhofer Concrete Products has the tools and expertise to provide slab jacking services. We’ll assess the nature of your sunken slab and provide precise slab jacking services to raise it back to level. No matter the size of the slab or the nature of the deformation, count on us to set things right.

For more information about slab jacking in South Dakota and how it could restore your concrete and prevent future problems, contact a member of our team today at 605-225-5222.