Residential Concrete Repair in South Dakota

Did you know that damaged concrete can detract from your property value and your home’s curb appeal? Sunken garage slabs, cracked driveways, shifting steps and stoops—they’re all detractors from your property and potential hazards just waiting to happen. Angerhofer Concrete Products is here to fix them.

Our experience with residential concrete repair spans the gamut of projects you might be dealing with—from driveway crack repair in South Dakota to foundation repair. Some of the many types of projects we’re experienced in dealing with include:

  • driveway concreteDriveways
    Notice your driveway falling on one side? Problems with drainage and pooling water? We can mud jack your driveway back up to level, to help you avoid these issues and more. We are also experts at driveway crack repair.  We can repair the cracks in your driveway to ensure not only the safety of your driveway but also the curb appeal of your home.
  • Slabs
    From garage pads to shed slabs and even foundation slabs, issues with sinking or shifting can be catastrophic. Allow us to slab jack your concrete level and maintain its integrity for years to come.
  • Sidewalks
    Shifting sidewalks can create trip hazards and other dangerous situations. We level everything out to restore the safety and aesthetic to your walkways.
  • Concrete floors
    Have a concrete floor that’s beginning to sink or fall, creating pooling water or trip hazards? We’ll jack it back up into place to ensure a smooth walking surface.
  • Curbs
    Sunk curbs can cause myriad problems for vehicles—including suspension jarring and wheel issues. We restore curbs to their appropriate position, to help lighten their effect on vehicles.
  • Gutters
    Gutters that are unable to properly divert and drain water create all types of problems. We offer concrete services in South Dakota to raise and restore concrete gutters, preventing drainage problems.
  • Foundations
    Cracks and damage to your home’s foundation can seriously affect your house’s longevity. We have the expertise to complete your foundation repair the right way the first time.

Additional Services

In addition to all of the above services, we take pride in tackling jobs big and small—including concrete foundation repair and repair for small, custom pre-cast molds. Call our team to repair your home’s footings, or simply to provide repairs for your birdbath, flowerpot or other cement fixture.

For driveway crack repair, foundation repair or any other concrete repair you may need, waste no time in calling Angerhofer Concrete Products today. We can be reached at 605-225-5222 and are ready to provide you with a free quote on service.